Frequently Asked Questions-Tenants

For all applicants we check the following:
1 - Employment history
2 - Rental history
3 - Credit history
To be considered for a property, 2 of 3 items listed above must have good ratings.
Since we manage an array of properties, you must check with us to see if we allow pets on the property and if there will be a pet deposit.
The majority of our properties we accept Section 8. But since our properties are own by individual owners please check the details of the property to confirm.
a. Fill out the Rental Application
b. Copy of Driver's License
c. Copy of (2) Pay stubs
Yes, Our application fee is $25.00. The cost is used cover the cost of the credit report & background report for each applicant.
We are located at 2905 Mitchellville Rd, Suite 205 Bowie, MD 20716 Click link for directions

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