Bank Information

Rent Payments via Bank of America or PayPal

Paypal payment can be sent to: (use “friends & family option”)

Rent payments can be made at Bank of America branches, or online through our web portal. Instead mailing your payment, if you make your payment online or at Bank of America, you will get same day credit. Use a Bank of America deposit slip to pay your rent at the bank’s branch. Make sure you write down the correct account number on the Deposit slip at the bank. To ensure you receive proper credit, write out the Our Name & Your Name on the deposit slip as follows


Bank of America
Name: Calhoun Properties / Your Name (T-###)
Address: 9900 Greenbelt Rd
City State: Lanham, MD 20706
Account Number: 003938862676


It is also good practice to send us an email with the amount, date & location of the deposit.


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